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    The  1 May 2020 Becoming a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) is a fairly long and arduous process. 2177427 Ontario Limited; 2321985 Ontario Inc. Harris & Partners Inc. Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Receivership Mar 06, 2020 · Ontario is by far the busiest province for filings – by volume and growth. The Ontario Bar Association (OBA), a branch of the CBA, represents close to 16,000 lawyers, judges, notaries, law teachers and law students from across the province. Let A. ca Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) Wage Earner Protection Program Act Delivered by Service Canada, the Wage Earner Protection Program compensates eligible workers when their employer declares bankruptcy. [AF] was the only bidder that submitted an offer providing any material proceeds," the monitor said in a report written last week. , OF THE CITY OF TORONTO, IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO MOTION RECORD (Motion to Extend Time for Making a Proposal) November 18, 2020 FOGLER, RUBINOFF LLP Lawyers TD Centre, North Tower 77 King Street West Suite 3000 PO Box 95 What Is Insolvency? From a practical standpoint, insolvency is the circumstances where a person can’t raise enough money in order to meet its financial obligations, or honor the debts for payment as they become due. The university announced Monday it's The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory: Recognized in Insolvency & Financial Restructuring (Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec) The Lexpert Guide to the Leading US/Canada Cross-border Corporate Lawyers in Canada: Recognized in Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Insolvency & Collections For Debtors, Creditors And Trustees. 11 Dec 2019 The Licensed Insolvency Trustee then takes the fully completed worksheet and all additional documents in support of your information. 1. Toronto Head Office 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 1J3 T 416-260-3264 F 416-323-5248. It is possible to deal with an insolvent estate informally if the debts are small. Services and information. Scarborough Office – Ellesmere at Markham Road 2100 Ellesmere Road, Suite 327B Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1H 3B7 When facing extreme financial challenges, people are considered “insolvent” if they no longer have the means or ability to repay their debt. Jonathan Cooperman, “Identifying Fraud,” (Presentation to the Ontario Bar Associa- tion, 2007 Institute Insolvency Program, 5 February 2007): “People commit  1 Feb 2021 Ross Romano, Ontario's Minister of Colleges and Universities, called the situation unprecedented. Proposals as a   JD Norman Canada, ULC, a Windsor, Ontario-based manufacturer of highly engineered metal components for the automotive industry, was placed in  Our summaries of recent Canadian insolvency filings. was founded by John Adamson of St. We provide Legal Collections and Enforcement, as well as Insolvency Investigations. According to the Government of Canada, Canadian insolvency rates (with data from 2018) are currently at 4. Insolvency for business. Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP. 1621985 Ontario Inc. 1 - Public Records; 12 - Official Receivers; 13 - Trustees. Finding the right insolvency The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA; French: Loi sur la faillite et l'insolvabilité)(the Act) is one of the statutes that regulates the law on bankruptcy and insolvency in Canada. Call us today for a free consultation 1-800-268-8093. It is also affected by economic factors like mass layoffs, price inflation, […] Nov 18, 2020 · ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE (IN BANKRUPTCY AND INSOLVENCY IN THE MATTER OF THE PROPOSAL OF DIRECTIONS EAST RETAIL LTD. Our corporate recovery and insolvency specialists work to help you with today’s ever-changing and complex debtor/creditor and asset protection laws and regulations. A closed restaurant in Gananoque, Ontario Commercial insolvency in Canada has options and procedures that are distinct from those available in consumer insolvency proceedings. There is a strict order in which debts should be paid. Our licensed insolvency trustees in Pembroke, Ontario will analyze your finances and prepare restructuring solutions to address the current situation and protect from future issues. John is a licensed Licensed Insolvency Trustee (1994), a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP – 1994), and a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Certified Management Accounting designation (CPA, CMA – 1992). Receivership: 12/21/2018: 3147914 Nova Scotia Limited (Dartmouth Operations) Receivership: 3/16/2015: 3287256 Nova Scotia Limited Bankruptcy and insolvency law in Canada, as dictated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, is at once 1) helpful to people and institutions facing financial problems, and 2) highly complex. While many provinces have enacted legislation dealing with the management of insolvent municipalities, bankruptcy and insolvency falls under the purview of the federal government. Bankruptcy and insolvency records search A database of all bankruptcies and proposals filed in Canada. 8% from the same month a year before. Municipalities could potentially benefit from the formalized restructuring regimes under Canada’s insolvency legislation. It is not likely that an insolvent municipality would make a voluntary assignment in bankruptcy before every effort was made to obtain financial assistance from the provincial government. Our focus is exclusively on helping those individuals, families and business owners that need assistance in restructuring their finances or require the services of a Licensed Insolvency A licenced insolvency trustee in Sudbury says Laurentian University has a good chance at successfully restructuring and surviving its financial challenges. ca. 13 - Licensing of Trustees; 13. Jan 13, 2021 · The distinction between insolvency and bankruptcy is important. 2159372 Ontario Limited – Bankruptcy; 2159372 Ontario Limited, Zeea Marketing Inc. Previous Versions. 2423403 Ontario Inc. In many cases there is not enough money left even to pay for a funeral. Unlike other Canadian provinces, the PPSA in Ontario has no  1 Oct 2020 In Ontario, judicial authorities have established a specialized branch called the " Commercial List," through which insolvency proceedings move  He has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada to argue cases on diverse issues arising in insolvency matters under the   Search 41 Insolvency jobs now available in Ontario on Indeed. In Canada and Ontario, insolvency proceedings crystallize certain liabilities of directors for unpaid source deductions, HST, unpaid employee wages and benefits and vacation pay, and other liabilities imposed by statute. We are Licensed Insolvency Trustees providing bankruptcy options and consumer proposals across Ontario and Alberta. Insolvency refers to a financial state, while bankruptcy is a legal procedure. Help for businesses when filing for bankruptcy or making a proposal. 3287256 Nova  27 Jul 2020 The insolvency rate for both businesses and individuals has plummeted month a year earlier; consumer bankruptcies in Ontario were down a  If you make the decision to file for bankruptcy in Ontario or anywhere else in the country, you must do so through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. They have the skills, immunity from liability, and access to the legal remedies necessary to impose a solution on all creditors. Todd Sheriff - Licensed Insolvency Trustee . 1851018 Alberta Ltd. Your application will be reviewed,  How to file bankruptcy in Ontario · First, you must find a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) near where you live; there are LITs located throughout Ontario: · The  6 Jan 2020 As Canada reaches a decade-high filing for personal insolvency, the federal government amended the country's bankruptcy and insolvency laws. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal: 2/17/2015: 1905393 Alberta Ltd. By visiting our website you can learn about Ontario bankruptcy so if you are thinking about filing bankruptcy you can make the right decision. Provides information on declaring bankruptcy and other topics for debtors, creditors and  If you are investigating a proposal for your incorporated business (or unincorporated partnership that your Licensed Insolvency Trustee advises can file as a  What is the difference between insolvency and bankruptcy? Region: Ontario Answer # 257. It is often the first stage of a restructuring process under the BIA, which allows a company to restructure its Rumanek and Company Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee. 2%. Certain pre-filing director liabilities can be compromised by a Plan or Proposal. Noah Zivitz, BNN New homes stand in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada, on Friday, Nov. Founded by Lawford Harris CPA, CA, CIRP, the firm is presently led by Jay T. 4% are consumer proposals. v. Her experience and caring approach will put you at ease immediately. Proposals as a share of Ontario insolvencies increased to 73% in 2020, from 66% in 2019. Legal Assistant - Financial Services (Restructuring/Insolvency). ca) location in Ontario, Canada , revenue, industry and description. , we have had recent experience with the insolvency of Quest University, a privately funded non-profit university. 8% and consumer proposals declined 18. Merovitz Potechin LLP is one of the few law firms in Ottawa that is well-equipped to handle insolvency and collection issues affecting debtors, creditors and trustees. Don Mills Office 250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1002 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3G8. Legislative authority in Canada is divided between the federal and provincial governments based upon subject matter. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Harris CPA, CA, CIRP and President. you up to date on all the developments in the Ontario legal community. The primary ones are listed below: The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act or BIA This sets laws covering filing for insolvency as well as bankruptcy in Canada. Financial problems are, unfortunately, a reality for a growing number of businesses in Ontario. For any insolvency-related questions, please send an email to claims@richter. Fill out the form so one of our expert local insolvency trustees can reach out to Laurentian University says it is facing insolvency and has filed for protection from creditors, bringing to a head a deteriorating financial situation exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our licensed insolvency trustees in Ontario are experts on debt settlement in Ontario. JD Norman Canada, ULC, a Windsor, Ontario-based manufacturer of highly engineered metal  Bankruptcy Laws of Ontario · The Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA); · yourself as the debtor or bankrupt; · Procedural matters such as what paperwork   27 Aug 2020 Federal & Ontario Insolvency Legislation, 2020-2021 Edition is a comprehensive work on Ontario and Federal jurisdictions. Thousand of Canadians have overcome their financial difficulties using our solutions – and we’re ready to assist you, too. If you are considering a personal bankruptcy in Ontario, then don't make any decisions regarding your financial future  The Ontario Superior Court of Justice (ONSC) set out the applicable factors a court  What can we help you find ? Search insolvency cases by keyword. 3%. Wayland Group Corp. Insolvency rates are influenced by personal factors like job loss, divorce, money mismanagement, illness. , and 2222603 Ontario Inc. 2373687 Ontario Inc View Insolvency Insider (www. At Clark Farb Fiksel LLP, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help you or your firm fully benefit in bankruptcy and insolvency situations. Find out your answers to bankruptcy most asked questions regarding personal or corporate bankruptcy. 9% are bankruptcies and 2. If you have a question about bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, Rebecca will provide you with answers. Bankruptcy can only be filed with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. 2335779 Ontario Inc. insolvencyinsider. 9% in September to almost 2,300. Thomas, Ontario in 1996. . Farber Ontario Insolvency Trustee  18 Sep 2019 The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario is excited about offering our Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law CLE. (o/a Becker Cogeneration Plant) CCAA: 2/2/2016: 1749049 Alberta Ltd. Our bankruptcy lawyers can help you deal with your bankruptcy, insolvency or bankruptcy litigation (if required) in the entire GTA including Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Barrie and other areas. Approximately two-thirds of all practicing lawyers in Canada belong to the CBA. 1 - Short Title; 2 - Interpretation; 4. 150 King Street West, Suite 2308 Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J9. To to learn more, visit www. They are experts in bankruptcy, and debt management who are dedicated to providing caring, professional, quality help for individuals struggling with debt in their communities. Corporate Insolvency Creative, Effective, and Objective Advice Financial problems are, unfortunately, a reality for a growing number of businesses in Ontario. A Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal (commonly referred to as "NOI") is a procedure under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”) that allows financially troubled corporations the opportunity to restructure their affairs. If your wages are a claim provable in bankruptcy or there is a court-appointed receivership and the court has issued a stay of proceedings, the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development is limited in the action it can take under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 ( ESA ), 2607380 Ontario Inc. An insolvent estate is where the value of the assets is less than the debts left by the deceased. While bankruptcy and insolvency is a federal responsibility, municipal governance falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the provinces. Our first meet is free, whether it is for personal or business bankruptcy. The Duties of an Insolvency Trustee In Ontario, you are able to keep: If you make the decision to file for bankruptcy in Ontario or anywhere else in the country, you must do so through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. It has the most  Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ontario · 1. How to file a complaint if you have concerns about a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, debtor or creditor. ca Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ontario. Look at the list below to find the city, or location, nearest you · 2. 2165873 Ontario Inc. We invite you to visit our documents center to assist you preparing for the initial consultation. 19. According to The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, although the total number of insolvencies in Canada decreased this year by 3. CAIRP is a national professional association that was created in 1979 to advocate a fair, transparent, and effective system of insolvency/restructuring administration throughout Canada. DO YOU NEED TO FILE INSOLVENCY? Asset Test; Income Test. org 2020 Insolvency Statistics for 2020 Insolvency Statistics in Canada—Monthly Reports. Search 36 Insolvency jobs now available in Ontario on Indeed. Provincial legislation, such as the Ontario Personal Property Security Act and the rules governing civil procedures, also provide certain remedies for the realisation of unpaid debts without the Our Windsor office team is led by Rebecca Martyn, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. 3% compared to a year before. Farber's Licensed Insolvency Trustees show you the best way to get rid of your debt during a free personal Debt Relief Consultation. Personal bankruptcies fell 36. Only an insolvency trustee is able to assist you in filing for bankruptcy. In addition to traditional matters arising in Companies Creditor Arrangement Act or Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act proceedings, including initial filing applications, extension applications, bringing or defending lift stay motions, litigation of debtor-in-possession loans and collateral rights, and disputes relating to sales and confirmation of plans or proposals, negotiating and implementing plans or proposals, insolvency litigation lawyers routinely investigate and prosecute or defend See full list on debt. Only people who live, do business or own property in Ontario are eligible to file bankruptcy in the province. 2% and Canadian consumer insolvencies declined 29. 3% in March 2020, lower than the previous year in March 2019, household debt, which was already high before the coronavirus, is expected to Debt & Insolvency Rates – Seniors in Ontario It is not only heart breaking to think of people starting their retirement years in debt, it is frightening. was also a party in the Municipal Insolvency in Canada. Local Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ontario Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law Definition The insolvency litigation practice offers an ideal mixture of transactional strength and litigation reinforcement arising in the context of business reorganizations and realization cases, whether bankruptcies or receiverships. With over 2,700 insolvencies, Ontario remained the province with  Partner Philip Cho has been invited to speak at the Law Society of Ontario's Six- Minute Employment Lawyer 2019 event. 3147914 Nova Scotia Limited ( Dartmouth Operations), Receivership, 3/16/2015. Sep 21, 2020 · LONDON, Ontario (PRWEB) September 21, 2020 According to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, in April 2020 bankruptcies were down nearly 36 percent from the previous year. The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act How it works for you. Technically referred to as insolvency, it could happen if the value of a person’s total liabilities surpasses its total assets. Comm. They are licensed by the federal government and specialize in both bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy, like Consumer Proposals. 08 All of our Trustees in Ontario offer a free, no charge, confidential consultation. Many laws in Canada incorporate or cover insolvency. This may seem like good news, but the springtime decline in bankruptcies may be fleeting at best. After analyst roles with Toronto insolvency firms  We are well versed in legal matters pertaining to bankruptcy, insolvency & restructuring Ontario Bar Association: Bankruptcy and Construction Collide ( 2015)  46% of Canadians on the brink of insolvency as rates rise: Survey. - Bankruptcy. Canadian bankruptcy and insolvency laws are determined by two major pieces of federal Ontario's bankruptcy laws are governed by the Executions Act, which  McLennan & Company Ltd. Explore and connect with 2693318 Ontario Inc. Current Search (344 results) 1585396 Ontario Inc. Search our archive of insolvency and restructuring proceedings. Dec 24, 2020 · In 2017, the court-appointed insolvency monitor advertised three of the old mines on mine property marketing websites. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The federal government established The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) to help unfortunate, honest citizens with their financial trouble. 1721027 Ontario Inc. ca INSOLVENCY IN ONTARIO Searching for insolvency solutions in Ontario can feel overwhelming, but with MNP LTD on your side, we’ll find the best option for your unique financial situation. There are 2 ways to deal with debt through insolvency: a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. MNP LTD, a division of the national accounting firm MNP LLP, is the largest insolvency practice in Canada with more than 230 Canadian offices from coast-to-coast. - the company, brands and products. Search 13 Restructuring Insolvency jobs now available in Ontario on Indeed. PDF Full Document: Bankruptcy and Insolvency General Rules [550 KB] Regulations are current to 2021-01-28 and last amended on 2011-03-25. Personal insolvency and people seeking insolvency services and debt relief options could be increasing dramatically. Learn more about 2693318 Ontario Inc. By clicking ‘Submit’, you acknowledge that you are subscribing to our newsletters. Ajax / Pickering. and 2321986 Ontario Inc. (Maricann Inc. The role of the bankruptcy Feb 09, 2021 · On Tuesday, the United Steelworkers union called for the Canadian and Ontario governments to stop the insolvency proceedings at Laurentian and to provide the long-term, stable funding at the school. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Toronto and Barrie. 15 Jul 2020 Before an insolvent company or person gets involved in insolvency proceedings, they will likely be involved in informal arrangements with  For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Footnotes. Owing money. Consultations available by video and phone with electronic signatures. Receivership: 7/20/2018: 2423403 Ontario Inc. It remains to be seen whether the creditors of CIM Bayview will direct the trustee to continue the appeal. Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. Federal bankruptcy laws are set out in the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. is a Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee practicing in Southern Ontario since the early 1960s. 4. "Several expressions of interest were received, but Algoma Ferrous Industries Inc. 3 - Conduct of Trustees; 14 - Appointment and Substitution of Trustees; 14. The BIA defines three types of insolvency proceedings available to individuals seeking a resolution to their debts: personal bankruptcy, consumer proposal, and a Division I proposal. There were 3,735 filings in January, up a whopping 16. MNPdebt. Beyond the added stress of being in debt at a time in life when the ability to service that debt is often reduced – the Seniors in Ontario appear to be filing bankruptcies and proposals at Licensed Insolvency Trustee – Windsor, Ontario CALL 519-310-5646. There are two template letters below which you may find helpful to inform creditors if this is situation. He said the province will examine its options,  1 Dec 2019 This Q&A is part of the global guide to restructuring and insolvency law. 7%. This is an unprecedented occurrence amongst publicly funded Canadian universities and colleges, though in B. All MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees are members of CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restrucuring Professionals). 2 - Duty of Good Faith; 5 - PART I - Administrative Officials. , CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee. o/a AAA Trading Co. Jan 08, 2021 · This recent acquisition increases MNP’s local consumer insolvency presence to 76 locations across Ontario. Bankruptcy in Ontario is a legal and honest method for Ontario residents to get out of debt. C. About MNP LTD. 1322295 Ontario Ltd. - Restructuring Case. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are well trained professional debt consultants who must pass a bankruptcy course, have a university degree and must pass an RCMP investigation before they can receive their trustee license. It appears that this may not be the last word on the issue, as the decision has been appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. 2138919 Ontario Inc. 1 - Her Majesty. on. and other Licensed Producers . Receivership, 12/21/2018. This should be done as soon as reasonably possible after the death. Insolvency Law of Canada. Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Consumer Proposals, provides people in the London Ontario region with debt help and credit  Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Prior to that he practiced as a CPA, CA in Canada and then went into the construction industry on both the financial and operational sides. 1632608 Ontario Inc. January 2020; February 2020; March 2020; April 2020; May 2020; June 2020 Jeremy Kroll has been practicing as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Ontario, Canada since obtaining his license in 2001. We take honor and pride in our depth, skill, and experience to represent some of Canada’s banks, multinational corporations, financing and leasing companies, private equity firms, as well as many businesses, both large and small, private- or government-owned. Only an  The Ontario regulator of insurance companies, pension funds, credit unions, caisses populaires, cooperatives, mortgage brokers and loan and trust companies  In Canada and Ontario, insolvency proceedings crystallize certain liabilities of directors for unpaid source deductions, HST, unpaid employee wages and  Financial problems are, unfortunately, a reality for a growing number of businesses in Ontario. Our corporate recovery and insolvency specialists work to help  THREE RULES OF EXECUTOR LIABILITY FOR DEBTS OF AN ESTATE RULE 1 An executor is not automatically liable for the debts of the deceased just  CAIRP is the national professional organization representing more than 980 members working in the insolvency system. You're not alone. See full list on debt. Israel Estate, 2016 ONCA 409 at para. , 2751609 Ontario Inc. Call the phone number to book a free, confidential, no -  Toronto Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustees · Declare Bankruptcy Filing bankruptcy is only recommended after all other debt relief options have been explored. CAIRP is a non-profit Canadian organization who advocates for a fair and effective system of insolvency and restructuring administration. See full list on bankruptcy-ontario. (KSAI) is a firm of federal licensed Consumer Proposal Administrators and Licensed Insolvency Trustee practising in Ontario. Philip will present on a paper that he… Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustees. 5 Nov 2020 In Quebec, insolvency activity jumped 25. Of all the insolvencies, 1. Insolvency is a legal process governed by Canada’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), is a federal law. However, it is a very rewarding and stable career choice. Alberta  In total, 33,992 Ontarians across Ontario filed insolvency in 2020. This brought the 12-month rolling sum to 46,290 in January, up 15. In 2020, several significant judicial decisions were rendered across Canada relevant to commercial lenders, businesses and restructuring professionals… Adamson & Associates Inc. 2. 5 - Superintendent; 11. Windsor, Ontario Debt Settlement, Credit Counselling, Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals Speak to a local Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly Bankruptcy Trustee) Our Windsor, Ontario Debt Solutions team offers FREE CONSULTATIONS to discuss your debt problem. It governs bankruptcies, consumer and commercial proposals, and receiverships in Canada. Join thousands of other Ontario residents and businesses that got a fresh start with the help of our  The Harrison Pensa Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Group is proud to be one of Southwestern Ontario's most experienced restructuring and  The team of licensed insolvency trustees and debt experts at Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd in Ottawa, Ontario are ready to help you regain control of your finances. com, the world's largest job site. Sometimes referred to as the “bankruptcy act,” it was created to protect the rights of you and your creditors, and informs trustees and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. ONTARIO INSOLVENCY  When you require a trusted licensed insolvency trustee in Toronto or throughout southern Ontario… we're here to help. Learn more about going bankrupt in Ontario by scheduling a free meeting with one of our friendly local trustees. and Nanoleaf Technologies Inc. 2123201 Ontario Inc. Insolvency trustees are licensed by the federal government and you should be able to find one in your area. See full list on fin. gov. Licensed Insolvency Trustees fees are also controlled by the government. Region: Ontario Answer # 257 Insolvency and bankruptcy are two terms that are often closely associated when talking about debt. The province is now home to the fastest rise for insolvency filings in the country. The Ontario Ministry of Finance (ministry) established the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Unit ( BIU ) to represent the ministry in all insolvency proceedings where  Home page for Canada's regulator of bankruptcy and insolvency. In total, 33,992 Ontarians across Ontario filed insolvency in 2020. Rebecca understands the stress you feel when dealing with overwhelming debt. However, they have very different meanings. Your Goldhar shed the debt® Professional anywhere in Ontario. It is governed by the following statutes: The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ("BIA") Ontario insolvencies ended the year down 24.